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when I loaded firefox (twice) it locked up and took over the entire screen and I had to manually turn computer off to get out of the loop. I had to unistall twice. Why?

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bold text'''While following the instructions the instruction page filled the entire screen. It did not leave any commands to get out of the screen or move on to another step. It contained only step 1 and step 2 without any other instructions. The first time, it upgraded by itself when I booted up the firefox web page. It validated that something was wrong and that some part of the web page needed to be deleted. Could not verify what needed to be deleted. Uninstalled the program and reloaded from your web page. It did the same thing again and locked up my computer. I had to manually turn it off and then reboot and unistall it. I have heard others say that they have had trouble with Firefox's new upgrade. I have two computers. One has the older version. This one I upgraded to Firefox Beta and then problems started.