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two problems: i've lost my igoogle home page with all my gadgets and i have a split screen i can't get rid of

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The split screen problem occurred first. I tried to open one of my bookmarked web sites and instead of filling my screen the screen split, showing a portion of my home page and a portion of the site i wanted to view. in the process of trying to troubleshoot the problem i lost and cannot relocate my igoogle home page with all my selected gadgets, e.g., sports headlines, stock market, weather, etc...

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Opening in the side bar is the default for bookmarks that are created via a link or button on a website. You can check the Properties of a bookmark via the right-click context menu in the side bar (Ctrl+B; Cmd+B on Mac).

In the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks) you can click the More button in the Details pane at the bottom right.

Make sure that "Load this bookmark in the side bar" is not selected.

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This time it was after an automatic Windows Update. I lost my iGoogle home page, but only on Firefox -- it shows up perfectly well on Chrome and the dreaded IE, but whatever I tried on Firefox, I just had a white Google home page, with all my gadgets lined up on the hated left margin tab.

I went back to iGoogle UK. Same Firefox, same iGoogle home page that I've had for so long, just had to trade away to get the desired result.

Try it yourself: -- it'll save your blood pressure.