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I can't stop (and other webpages) from hijacking my homage when I open Mozilla web browser

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Almost every time I open Mozilla Firefox, instead of my homepage (my gmail login page) opening up, the website opens up. This started a couple of weeks ago, when I opened a link in my DVD Cloner program to find out more about the Open DVD Ripper software. In the Mozilla browser, In Tools>Options>General tab>Startup I have always had my Mozilla settings set as such: 1) In the “When Firefox starts” box I have: Show my homepage, 2) in the “Home Page” box I have: my gmail login page ( Again though, in spite of having these startup options set, the website hijacks my homepage (my gmail login page) after I boot up my computer and open my Mozilla web browser. When I open the Mozilla web browser, the webpage immediately opens up; the Mozilla browser does not even give any indication that my gmail login page is even attempting to open up before the webpage hijacks my gmail login page. A few weeks ago a similar type of problem was occurring with another website: I originally thought that the problem was occurring due to rogue software/spyware on the website. However, since my homepage problem occurred again with the open-dvd-ripper website and since many other people have my problem, I have concluded that it is very likely just another one of Mozilla’s numerous bugs and annoying imperfections. My first problem with the webpage started a couple of months ago when I opened the link in my Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) program to try to find out more about the Trojangenome.cltk file. However, once I did this, the webpage hijacked my homepage (my gmail login page) almost every time after I booted up my computer and opened my Mozilla web browser. Interestingly, my problem with the webpage only occurred after I booted up my computer and first opened the Mozilla web browser. My problem did not occur if I closed Mozilla and opened Mozilla back up again while my computer was still on. Additionally, every time that the was in the process of hijacking my homepage, Mozilla indicated that my gmail login homepage was attempting to open up; I would get a message on the bottom of the Mozilla browser window that said “waiting for”. After several seconds, the webpage opened up without my gmail login page having ever opened up. Several emails with Systweak (the owners of ASO software and the website) failed to resolve the problem. Customer Support at Systweak instructed me to re-set my homepage in a number of roundabout ways. This was useless, since my homepage was already set, and re-setting my homepage did nothing. Additionally, Systweak customer support instructed me to do a system restore. This was also a useless instruction. I found out that even though my System Restore showed several restore points that were available before my problem occurred, System Restore would not allow me to restore my computer to any time before the problem occurred. Each time I tried to restore my computer to a time before my problem occurred, I would get an error message stating that System Restore could not complete the restore operation. My problem with the website only stopped occurring when my current problem with the began occurring. Given that my problem has consistently occurred with two different webpages (, then, I strongly suspect that this could be a failure with the Mozilla web browser software. Alternatively, I suppose it could still be rogue, spyware type software with my products (ASO and DVD Cloner) that have caused my problem. My problem is more of a nuisance and annoyance than it is a significant threat or problem to my computer. Currently, each time the website opens up and hijacks my homepage (my gmail login page), I simply bypass this annoyance by clicking on the homepage icon in the Mozilla browser to get to my homepage.

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