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I use Firefox 56 - how can I enable Classic Theme Restorer? (do not say Q-m, I already use Chrome)

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I have Classic Theme Restorer disabled in a list of add-ons, although I use 56 version. I know add-on is removed from Firefox extensions by author Aris. Still need to use it. Tried some scripts to disable Firefox extension signing, found .xpi add-on distributive on third-party site (Safety? And who is pushing me there?). Not working, and my abilities end there. Without these features I have no use for Firefox browser, to me Quantum is essentially useless Chrome clone.

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Firefox 56 is no longer supported. Please update to Firefox 67.0.4, which is the most recent version.

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Hello mebendazol,

Your frustration is understandable, but maybe you'd like to take a look at these threads (if you haven't already) :

If, as you say, you have no use for Firefox without CTR, please see :

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@McCoy Thank you very much, I appreciate your suggestions. Seems Waterfox is only reasonable try.

Nostaligie note :-). Sorry to see that such great free customizable browser, Firefox, is dead for sure now. Not the Pro in programming, but still I think applying customizable interface on new engine wasn't that hard, just it wasn't important for developers. They targeted users that always go default :-(

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@mebendazol any changes for firefox from 57+ requires users to use or make userChrome.css edits to do such changes. And as mentioned only support is given for the current versions as older one were update for Security and Update reasons.

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@WestEnd I appreciate your attention. But the topic is not about features of Quantum or its engine/safety. It is about previous, more popular browser, Firefox - that had indispensable advantages over both Chrome and Quantum. And a bit of nostalgie that developers failed to transfer those advantages to Quantum :-)

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I have long been a satisfied user of Firefox since the demise of Netscape; and have over the years used various add-ons to tweak FF to meet MY need. I am using v 52.8.0 esr with the following add-on Extensions (win 7 Pro): 1. Adblock Plus 3.6.3 2. Add-on Compatibility reporter 3. Cache Status 4. Classic Theme Restorer 1.6.5 --mainly to move Tabs below tool bars and arrange and space various buttons and options as I prefer 5. Classic Toolbar Buttons 1.5.5 6. Google Analytics Opt-out 1.0.7 7. Honey 9.7.1 8. Norton Safe Web 9. Saved Password Editor 2.10.3 10. Toolbar Buttons 1.1.1

I have just started using Win10 Pro and have been unable to locate/download the above extensions.

QUESTIONS: 1. Is it still possible the download these add-ons --even though unsupported 2. Is there a way to simply copy the relevant files scripts from the WIn 7 machine to the Win 10 machine. For example what Directories and Files or Scripts would need to be copied.