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Is there a way to disable the automatic onscreen keyboard popup on websites that focus on input fields?

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I understand the automatic popup is intended to follow up on the supposed intent of the website developer to allow the user to input text onload.

However, on certain sites the keyboard pops up on every single page browsed, even though the input field has secondary functionality (e.g. 'search this website' form).

You are then forced you to push the back button to remove the keyboard on every single page.

This is a huge annoyance and I would kindly ask the Mozilla team to reconsider if this feature reflects what website developers had in mind when they allowed keyboard focus onload so to improve usability and user convenience.

Can this feature be optionally disabled somehow? Just a setting in about:config would do the trick, I couldn't find anything of the sort unfortunately.

My most commonly browsed website on mobile suffers from this issue on Firefox, and that is why I am forced to use another browser in its stead.

I would simply love to use Firefox again, if only I could not be forced to remove the onscreen keyboard on every single page.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Gigi