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Popular Topics for Firefox for Android 186,215
Update regularly with "hot topics" for Android
How does built-in Phishing and Malware Protection work? 177,910
This article needs to be condensed and linked to other appropriate support articles. Also update "What happens when a page or file is blocked?" when bug 1068656 is fixed (see discussion).
How to set the home page 164,371
needs updated video with yahoo as default
Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly 160,398
Please double-check all shortcuts to make sure they still work. "Search engines" section was already updated on 9/9/2014
Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems 158,196
[Fx38] Disable Flash Protected Mode - New UI (bug 1122000)
Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again 106,312
[Fx38] Disable Flash Protected Mode - New UI (bug 1122000)
Install an older version of Firefox 60,957
Keep updated when new version is released out every 6 weeks.
Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues 31,249
[Fx38] Button to enter safemode added to about:support (bug 547623)
Thunderbird and Gmail 25,487
change with non standard google auth is added in TB 38 (tb 38 is april 7, 2014)
Server Not Found - Troubleshoot connection problems 24,323
Needs further review before marking L10N-ready
Recover lost or missing Bookmarks 23,825
[IMPROVE] Also investigate mysterious new profile on update.
Clear your browsing history and other personal data on Firefox for Android 12,723
should be "Tap Clear now under Clear Private Data" instead of "Clear Private Data"
Permissions Manager - Give certain websites the ability to store passwords, set cookies and more 7,873
Default permissions: need update for "Use the Camera" and "Use the Microphone" (see discussion for screenshot).
How to stop Firefox from automatically making connections without my permission 7,789
Add DNS Prefetching (see discussion) Add Health Report, Telemetry, etc. (see discussion) [Fx22] New Tab Page speculative connection on hovering sites (see discussion) [Fx36] Add a section about SSDP (see discussion)
Page Info window - View technical details about the page you are on 6,246
Needs proofreading.
Display the Thunderbird menus and toolbar 3,578
Needs further polishing before marking for L10N
Accessibility features in Firefox - Make Firefox and web content work for all users 3,572
Satdav and jsavage need to update this.
How to sync your add-ons with another copy of Firefox 3,021
We should deprecate this. It has been life for a while and we should consider Add-on sync as business as usual. No additional article needed.
Forum rules and guidelines 2,346
To be updated by Rachel. This won't be ready for localization until then.
How does content that isn't secure affect my safety on Android? 1,927
1. Add a section (to both the desktop and android mdn pages) that points developers to more information and/or details on how to fix their site: and 2. add a screenshot and a sentence about tapping on the exclamation mark icon and then tapping o "Enable protection" on android
Top tips to Get Smart on Privacy 1,749
Needs a link to the privacy day campaign page. M.J. will share in mid-January.
How to Subscribe to News Feeds and Blogs 1,560
TB specialists, please double-check this article.
Mobile Accessibility Features 691
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility 588
[m16] See comments in the wiki source. Changes should be tested/verified [verdi] This article should be merged with "Mobile Accessibility Features"
How to take screenshots on Firefox OS 338
[1.4] Change to button combo - still a longs way to go.
Configuration Options for Startup 259
New version of TB has menu button. Article needs to be updated.
I can't import Facebook contacts on the ZTE Open sold on Ebay 134
Update when issue is fixed or has a workaround.
Helping with crashes 122
Need to update "How do I look up someone's crash report?" (see discussion).
How to sign up and answer your first Question 71
needs review of video
Introduction to Contributor Quality Training 59
need to add the sign up sheet
Firefox for Android for Support Forum Contributors 29
needs quizzes and visuals
How to answer escalated questions 25
please add video and content
Firefox OS for Support Forum Contributors 15
needs quizzes and visuals
Add-on support guidelines for contributors 6
Content changes needed (some elaboration on blocklisting, review process). See discussion: "Needs review for content, renaming this article"
Contributor Quality Training Conclusion 6
needs image and summary of all learned
Evaluating a Solution in the Forum 6
elaboration on evaluating solution from Moderator's point of view.
Angry User Training 3
Images or video would be neat.
Forum response - Workaround for invalid OCSP error on Fx 31 1
Please check to see if it's technically accurate before using. I can't reproduce it.
Community Hub News
We should add more to the Community News, but this can wait.
Forum Response Firefox OS Bricked Device Reference
Needs context