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How to clear the Firefox cache 184,898
The main keyword of the article is mispelled as "cash", instead of "cache".
How does built-in Phishing and Malware Protection work? 130,733
This article needs to be condensed and linked to other appropriate support articles.
Remove recent browsing, search and download history 115,957
[Fx21][verdi] Could use a Win XP, Mac and Linux screenshot of the Clear Recent History item in the History menu.
How do I add a device to Firefox Sync? 75,448
Uncomment on April 29th.
Install an older version of Firefox 49,493
Keep updated when new version is released out every 6 weeks.
Where can I find the code to add a device to Firefox Sync? 49,488
Uninstall Firefox from your computer 45,475
[Fx31] Windows uninstaller will no longer offer the option to remove personal data (bug 432017)
Set how Firefox handles different types of files 27,689
Renaming this article - see discussion
Recover lost or missing Bookmarks 17,512
[IMPROVE] Also investigate mysterious new profile on update.
Troubleshoot the "Secure Connection Failed" error message 15,487
This article would benefit from screenshots.
Display the Firefox button menu instead of the menu toolbar 10,146
See Discussion: Archive this article (was: need australis update)
Page Info window - View technical details about the page you are on 7,239
Permissions: add sentence about "Load Images" - see discussion.
Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Mobile 6,153
Use tabs to organize lots of websites in a single window 6,133
[fx17] Drop indicator arrow no longer appears when dragging a tab to a new position (Bug 783282). See discussion.
How to sync your add-ons with another copy of Firefox 4,401
We should deprecate this. It has been life for a while and we should consider Add-on sync as business as usual. No additional article needed.
Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues 4,375
[Fx31] Graphics section will be listed above Modified Preferences starting in Firefox 31 (bug 994116). Need to update this article when Firefox 31 is in beta.
Using Tabs on Firefox for Android 4,146
video needs to be modernized to jellybean, screenshots should be smaller and nicer looking - iNerd
Firefox just updated - why is it asking me to update again? 3,441
This will be obsolete when(if) we stop auto-updating old versions of Firefox.
How does Firefox for Android use the permissions it requests? 3,100
i think we need to reword slightly to make it clear that it's NOT Mozilla that requires permissions to be approved for camera before you install the app and that even if you approve the camera permissions on installation, you still have to opt-in when browsing a website that uses the camera!
PDF files are blank or cause an error message on Mac 2,684
Renaming this article - see discussion.
What is Persona and how does it work? 1,735
Make "Persona popup window is blank" product specific (FxOS, Android, desktop)
How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility 1,503
[m16] See comments in the wiki source. Changes should be tested/verified [verdi] This article should be merged with "Mobile Accessibility Features"
Mobile Accessibility Features 1,257
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
How does content that isn't secure affect my safety on Android? 539
1. Add a section (to both the desktop and android mdn pages) that points developers to more information and/or details on how to fix their site: and 2. add a screenshot and a sentence about tapping on the exclamation mark icon and then tapping o "Enable protection" on android
How to take screenshots on Firefox OS 228
[1.4] Change to button combo - still a longs way to go.
Helping with crashes 179
Need to update "How do I look up someone's crash report?" (see discussion).
How do sponsored tiles work? 117
Personally my suggestion would be to add more information in any final article. Please see the discussion thread
How to use For 94
New showfor - therefore this article must be updated! Also need to update Firefox version section (ESR is now fx24, not fx17)
Why can't I create a custom ringtone? 63
Update when this feature is released (possibly v1.3).
I can't import Facebook contacts on the ZTE Open sold on Ebay 46
Update when issue is fixed or has a workaround.
Find and organize apps with Firefox Launcher for Android 14
Still needs to be fleshed out.
Translate websites in Firefox 5
[Needs Draft] Edit the article to see notes.
Template:androidmenu 3
This template should/could be reconciled with We'll need to generate a list of all the articles using these templates.
Template:WUWS 1
Archive? This is no longer being updated and was removed from "Contributor News & Resources" on Nov 13 2013