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URGENT : How do I block FIREFOX pop-ups asking me to update FIREFOX please? M

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URGENT : How do I block FIREFOX pop-ups asking me to update FIREFOX please ? This is REALLY annoying and constantly interrupts my workflow Thanks M

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Manually update FF & problems solved.

Update Firefox to the latest release

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Do you have the Firefox 25.0.1 release?

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Note that once you have the current Firefox 25.0.1 you should not get update prompts until Firefox 26.0 is released on December 10.

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Hi James Thanks for your msg but I don't want FIREFOX 25 as I'm happy with what I've got . . . M

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You already have firefox 25. The Release 25.1 was a minor release to fix a problem and fix security issues .

It is important with Firefox, and other software that it is kept up-to-date otherwise important security fixes are missed. You will put your System and personal data at higher risk if you do not keep up-to-date.

We do release versions earlier and a dedicated band of more experienced users test these, however all faults are not always found so after many Releases there needs to be a minor release to fix problems that are only discovered after the the Release starts going out to the Millions, &/or to fix new security issues..