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Why doesn't FF resolve hyperlinks clicked from a text file, but IE10 works fine?

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I'm composing a LibreOffice text file to prepare for publishing an E-book. In that text I've embedded hyperlinks to places on the Icelandic map system for elaboration. I have replaced these links with Google URL shortener for ease of management/user entry.

When I test the links with FF as the default browser on this laptop running Win8/64, FF tries to open the map pages but stalls with no image shown. In IE10, however, they work just fine. These links also work on either FF or IE in Windows 7/64 on my desktop.

In addition, when I click the same link listed in my Google account shortened URL list, it works in both FF and IE on this same laptop -- only when the link is clicked in the doc. file does FF fail to open the target map page. This is the case whether the LO WRITE option "Ctrl + click" or simply "click" is specified.

Doc. file: LibreOffice 4.1.x with embedded "googleized" URL hyperlinks, usually a graphic single character clickable link after the named place.

Target website: zoomed to specific location(s).

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Note that the page is a Flash object, so check the location bar to see if there is a icon at the far left of the location bar about blocking the Flash plugin.

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Is the shortened or full URL displayed on the address bar in Firefox, or does it appear blank?

Is this peculiar to LibreOffice, or does it affect other external links? For example, does Firefox have the same problem with links in other external applications, such as links in a PDF displayed in Adobe Reader?

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Can you post the code that you used?

Does this involve links to local files?

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Well, I tried the same thing again today, and now it opens the linked-to map page just fine.

It must have been the target map site, but why the same "googleized" shortened links worked from my google url list but not from the ODT Libreoffice text file is beyond me. When it didn't work, the basic target web URL showed in the FF address bar, so it must have been within the target server somewhere...or maybe the pre-req. Flashplayer add-on wasn't working correctly?

Thanks for your enquiries, nonetheless!

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Well...I thought the problem went away. But like the Infernal Revenue it's back.

And it's intermittent. Oh, and the URL shown is not the shortened "googleized" one but the full original one...the one for the mapping site that should be displayed but isn't.


J. T.

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Note that the page is a Flash object, so check the location bar to see if there is a icon at the far left of the location bar about blocking the Flash plugin.

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HI, Cor-el

I've checked to make sure that my Flash add-on is up to date. The issue for me is, why does it fail on FF sometimes but not all the time...and it never fails on IE10.

It will begin to open a link to the that Icelandic map site, paint the window black like it's trying to load and then just sit there. The next logon/startup, it works just fine. Having to restart/reload FF shouldn't be a requirement, it seems to me.

If someone wants to dig, i have no problem with providing the .ODT/Libreoffice source file with links to you to try yourself -- or to whomever.