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Increasing The Viewable Area of When Adding a Bookmark

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After using Ctrl+D, a page is bookmarked. Then users have to click on "Folder: Bookmark Menu" followed by "Choose" to select the location the bookmark will be stored in, which I think this should be the default action after using Ctrl+D. Now, the user can select the bookmark's final resting place...

However, this little white area is WAY too small to use efficiently. Is there a setting in about:config to allow this to be adjustable AND save the last size it was adjusted to? I searched for an add-on that would do this but no-dice! I would rather not use an add-on at all.

Thank for reading and help!

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See the screenshots on the download page to see how to drag the "Folder" window opening downward to make it larger. This extension will save the size you select.

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@the-edmeister Thank you for the quick reply and info! I'll give it a go.

So there is no way to edit the config then??? Bummer...