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Had weird prob. w/FF. Found trbleshooting,clicked reset.Everything (toolbars,icons,apps,bkmks, colors,every setting) gone.How to restore all at 1ce frm profile?

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I tried several suggestions in the help articles. I found the profile files, but they weren't exactly where the helps said, and a file seemed missing. So I upgraded firefox frm the beginning, thinking it would correct this. I don't know if the files are corrected, but I still have the default FF. There's a profile folder there (actuallly 2- "old" FF and new FF), but it's not restored/applied/installed as active settings to FF. I tried system restore (Win XP) but didn't work. I don't have to just start over and set every thing up again manually, do I? Surely there's a way to get FF to pick up the profile folder and import everything, not just bookmarks?

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One way you could try when creating a new profile is to point a new profile to the different existing folders including the reset folder on the desktop. Please see this.

You can also try to recover individual files from the different folders and keep an appropriate set.

Transfer profile data

Also, note that the Reset Firefox would only keep data like bookmarks, history, passwords etc. that are guaranteed to not cause any problems.

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Thanks for your response! I don't think the profile has to be moved or recreated, does it? The problem is that FF isn't using it. I need to know how to get FF to see that there is a profile and it needs to use it. Do I have to move it to get FF to recognize it and access it? Because right now it's in a FF profile folder that seems to be a good place to keep it.

I don't know what Sea Monkey is and sorry but you're instructions were a bit too advanced for me to follow. But I did find something on that page that may explain this better:

"Configure another operating system account to use the same profile. In this case you don't physically copy the profile since you're just UPDATING ANOTHER USER'S PROFILES.INI FILE to use the same profile. However, you may find it easier to share a profile if you move it first to a location whose path doesn't depend upon the user name." (

The capitalized line may be what is wrong with my FF? To get it to use my profile.ini file so it will use that profile??

If you know now what I have to do, could you start with the very first step, like, "Turn on your PC." Not quite that basic but close! I'm not that familiar with how to "configure" stuff!  :-)

Thanks for your help!

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I don't think the profile has to be moved or recreated, does it? The problem is that FF isn't using it. I need to know how to get FF to see that there is a profile and it needs to use it.

After clicking Create Profile > Next in the Profile Manager mini-window, you have to Choose Folder, browse to, and select any of the existing profile folders including the Old Firefox Data folder on the desktop that was created after you Reset Firefox. You can repeat these steps and Choose Folder, each time pointing to a different existing profile folder.

If you are facing unknown problems, you can also delete the profiles.ini file, start Firefox, exit Firefox and then try the above.

Alternatively you can also manually edit the profiles.ini file. In this case to point to folders outside the Profiles folder, you would change IsRelative to 0, and Path= to e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\Old Firefox Data. You can copy/paste an existing entry towards the end of the file and make the necessary changes starting with changing the [Profile?] number.

Profile Manager

Recovering a missing profile

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You can also use the Firefox Profile Manager to create a new profile and click the "Choose Folder" to register and use an existing profile folder.