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Firefox crashes upon startup

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Firefox crashes on startup. I have tried opening the browser in safe mode, and I still get the crash report error. It has been this way for over a week now, and every time I try and start it, and get the crash report, I fill in my email address, but nobody has gotten back to me.

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Hi mjp2131,

Sorry you are having problems. If you are getting startup crashes it is often worth trying a re-install of Firefox but doing a clean install involving deleting the program folder for Firefox (NOT the profile, and NOT using any uninstall options involving personal settings).

First of all assuming you may have bookmarks, passwords, or settings etc. that you wish to keep it is a good idea to play safe and back up your profile. (One of the next steps could be to delete the profile, so you need to back up the profile or you will loose information) See

Try backing up the profile and a clean reinstall and post back with how you get on. Also please paste into your next post another couple of recent Crash ID s

As for no one getting back to you, that only tends to happen if developers working on the crash need further information. The best thing you can do initially is to post in this forum as you have now done. (Or even file a bug !)

For forum cross referencing purposes + my comments

  • Report for CrashID b65ffd79-8de9-4850-973c-ac4b12120828
    • Crash Signature: nsStyleContext::GetStyleDisplay()
    • Related Bug 631474
      (bug seems dormant, but was very rare, now has a few hundred crashes in last week )
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I already tried completely uninstalling and then re-installing firefox already. Firefox was fine for a few days, and then it suddenly started happening again.

I will post a few more random crashes from the past week...I have a lot, so I will just pick at random:






Is there anything else I can do, other than un-install and re-install?