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over and under ads on games make the screen pop up and down

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I did have firefox for over 2 years, computer was slowing till I couldn't browse. I removed it and downloaded it again. Newer version with many ads, you call over and under ads, very large. I go to play Farmville, and ad pops up at the top and my screen jumps, then an ad is at the bottom and the screen jumps up. It is driving me crazy. How do I get rid of these nuisance ads? I need step by step instructions so I can do facebook where these ads are on, even on the homepage down the middle, on the Farmville and Garden of Times. Please help me fix this problem that I did not have before. Thank you

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Turn off tracking

How do I turn on the Do Not Track feature?

The ads you are referring to are not related or caused by FF, rather the actual site you visit. Thus even though you turn off tracking its voluntary compliance by the website meaning they either will or won't comply. You may also want to verify your popup blocker settings

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting