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Is it possible to clear the "back/forward" history of a tab?

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Is it possible to clear the "back/forward" history of a specific tab?

The tabs you keep open for long and use a lot, and especially now that we can pin tabs as app tab, is it possible to clear the back history of those tabs? Websites like gmail, google reader create a new history almost for everything that you on the website. And I am pretty sure this probably has some performance ramifications.

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Is it possible to clear the "back/forward" history of a specific tab? :

You can go back to the earliest entry in the tab and open a new page so you then have removed all of the forward history, but you can't remove the original or reduce it to just the original entry in the tab.

App-tabs are pretty much like regular tabs except that the tab is protected from opening a direct link or bookmark to another site within the app-tab -- that does not apply to bookmarks with substitution or javascript as they will open in the same app-tab.

App-tabs provide no more protection than normal tabs against web pages like this one while composing a reply -- this is the third time entering, any little thing that disturbs the page like back/forward button on mouse will lose the typed text. This is not a problem with other pages in app-tabs or normal tabs. But app-tabs are supposed to provide some additional protection as in locking a tab.

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