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How to secure passwords in firefox

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I was thinking of using Lastpass to save my logins for websites, however this started me thinking about how secure these kind of plug-ins are. I can believe the Lastpass code, encryption etc. are secure, but I have questions about possible interception of passwords (or even direct access of the Lastpass vault) by malicious add-ons to Firefox.

Seeing as Lastpass manages to intercept the userid/password entries on a web page, does that mean it is equally possible for any other plugin to intercept website login information?

Is there any security in Firefox that prevents plugins from gaining access to this information? If so, how does it work? And how can something like Lastpass circumvent these restrictions?

What security is there within Firefox to prevent general malware add-ons from being added?

Also, is there anything within the add-ons infrastructure that prevents one add-on from directly communicating with another add-on?

I've tried looking through the forum, and tried googling but not found information on these topics.

Thanks for your help Mike