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java script with a flashplayer live video feed chat room not showing up in firefox. The page opens and the area that supports the video chat room has the word LOADING, but it just hangs and never opens the live video feed.

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Embedded video works with MSIE, but not firefox. It worked at one time, long time ago but something causes firefox to not open an embedded video chat room when initializing. This is a sweet site, be prepared before you enter. :.) Opening the site, click a white colored link below one of the main yellow titles in one of the 3 tables of this main page. Once the next window opens, you will notice a series of linked photo images linked to enter chat areas. Running a mouse over one will pop-up a miniature live view, but clicking one will initiate the live chat room video feed page. My firefox refuses to create the embedded chat room and video feed in the opening page, but it does open the page. In the area where the embedded chat/video feed is suppose to open is the word LOADING, it's the java script message. I also get a lot of errors rattling off in the java error panel of firefox here also. I re-installed, Java and enabled, plus Firefox & Flash. Then tried both my operating systems with luck. The only thing I figure is a setting in Firefox I am missing to notice.

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