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How to roll-back to a previous version of Firefox BEFORE frequent "plugin-container.exe" and "Unresponsive (.jsm) Script" errors?

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I've become increasingly disappointed with the instability issues of the more recent Firefox versions. What used to be an unshakable rock-solid browser platform now crashes more than the worst versions of iE ever did! Between the "Unresponsive Script" errors (which seem to be .jsm related), and the "plugin-container.exe" errors, my browser crashes several times a day.

There doesn't seem to be much effort to fix this problem. And, I'd like to rollback to a previous more-stable version until the issue is resolved. Where can I find an older version of Firefox? And, what was the version number of the last stable version, the one before these types of crashes began?

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Thanks for the link edmeister! That at least explains how to turn off 'the plugin-container.exe problem. What it doesn't explain is why OOPP was added to the browser in the first place? I don't recall Firefox crashing before v.3.6.4 when encountering Flash or QuickTime plug-ins!?!