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There is no window to type in the website...there also is no "back" or "forward" button either! help!

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Hi! For some reason, There is no window at the top of the web page for me to type in the address of the website that I want to go to! Also, there is no tool bar with the arrows forward or back, to navigate the net. The only things that are at the top of the page is file, edit, history, bookmarks, tools, and help, under that is most visited, getting started, misc bookmarks, and latest headlines. I can't even press the back button to get to the previous page!! I have to right-click and go to "back" If I want to find a new page, I have to type it into google because there is no place to write the address down!!!! Help!!!

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Can someone help us? There is probably a really simple solution but I can't see the light!

PLEASE! It's driving be nuts!

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In the Firefox menu bar, click on View, then select Toolbars. Click on Navigation Toolbar so that it has a check-mark.

If you need more help see Navigation buttons like back, home, bookmarks and reload are missing

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