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Some websites say cookies are disabled; for other websites I can't logon--tthe site keeps returning me to the start page. I have cleared cookies and cache but the problem persists.

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When I try to place an order on some websites, I can't add the items to my cart because the site says cookies are disabled. For another another website, I can't log on. When I enter my user name and password, I keep getting returned to the start page. I have cleared all cookies and cache, but the problems persists.

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If clearing the cookies doesn't help then it is possible that the file cookies.sqlite that stores the cookies is corrupted.
Rename (or delete) cookies.sqlite and cookies.txt, if they exist, in the Profile Folder in case cookies.sqlite got corrupted.

Another test that you can do is switching to Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history mode.
In PB mode a new set of cookies is created and the current cookies are not available until you exit PB mode