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FVD Speed Dial (disabled)

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Hi, I have been using FVD Speed Dial and created quite number of shortcuts for browsers. It was disabled without notified by Firefox. Anyway I can retrieve the link of shortcut I created? Or can I enable to FVD Speed Dial for a day for me to copy all the shortcuts? Thank you.

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In 2020, Mozilla became aware that the developer of the FVD add-on had begun intercepting search queries that were being sent to a third-party search provider, in clear violation of the Mozilla Add-ons Policies.

After a repeated violation Mozilla again explicitly told them under which circumstances this type of data collection is not acceptable. At the time, the developer disabled the feature, and Mozilla continued to host FVD Speed Dial.

Recently Mozilla have become aware that the developer has re-enabled the offending functionality, which remains in violation of AMO policy. In light of these repeated offenses, Mozilla has blocked this addon.

While Mozilla regrets the impact that this has had on some of our users, Mozilla believe that their commitments to user safety and the importance of user trust in Firefox and its surrounding ecosystem have obligated them to take this action, and they stand by this decision.

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Has anyone found a way to restore the speed dials yet?

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Mozilla - come on - think about it! We have been using this add-on for some time, since Smart Tabs was disabled (again due to action by Mozilla!) - we use the functionality and store info in a safe place for future use/reference. Then WIThOUT WARNING you disable the app and apologise - not very helpful. You might at the very least allow users time to down load or otherwise make a note of the web sites that have been saved. Please get this app restored with our date soon. Thanks

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Ive been a Firefox user since the early 2000's and Ive always used speed dial. I never really cared about some obscure security setting but I did care about having my quick links displayed on my homepage in a cool way. I went to the lengths of downloading google chrome to see if they disabled FVD Speed Dial but they hadn't. For the thousands of us that use FVD Speed Dial everyday, this was a hindrance to our browsing.

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"While Mozilla regrets the impact that this has had on some of our users,...................." That's really nice to know. I had a sizeable number of site addresses filed under several headings - all useful - and whilst there are some that I can immediately recall, there are many that I have no record of. Very far from impressed - and somwhat annoyed! Users and there must be a few thousand of us, have been greatly inconvenienced by Mozilla's precipitant action - pleased that they are concerned for our security, but if the threat has existed for a few weeks, surely it would not hyave hurt if they first advised us of the concern and intended action so that we could prepare ourselves. Its kind of thoughtless to disable the app and then offer a feeble apology for the disruption and annoyance that they have casued to our browsing.