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v2 and v4 icc profiles, Firefox is failing

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I was disturbed to find in a test for v2 and v4 icc support from the website (International Color Consortium), "Is your system ICC Version 4 ready", which Firefox failed.

I found out that what the ICC refers to as "system" references browsers. My computer is an iMac OS X 10.13.6 and my Firefox is v93. The test is There is a link that brings the test up in PDF, which I think is necessary as the link itself seems to be only a picture.

Other photography sites have pointed this use of the word "system" out for, in my case, Safari and Chrome for instance. I tried Safari and ran the PDF test. It passed. I tried Firefox again (and again) it failed every time. Other people have had the same result, as in the following quote, "...Houston we have a problem...".

One of the most helpful websites I have found for this, mostly from fine photography sites, was This website had six tests for browsers. Firefox passed every test except test #6. Using Safari, it passed all including test #6. You could try it with Chrome.

This website, and many others, suggested a Firefox enabling correction that starts with typing into a Firefox address bar about:confg click, and after some scary warnings, type in gfx.color_management.mode (set to 1), click, then gfx.color_management.enablev4 (set to true), click, then gfx.color_management.rendering_intent. (set to 1 relative colorimetric--or to 0 for us Philistines). Restart Firefox.

Didn't work, Firefox still failed. I tried this many times, same result. Read the last sentence of the Summary on that website.

I'm sad to do this, but sending my even relatively elementary images to an outside printer, using PDF/X1a to KDP or IngramSpark for instance, I'll use Safari because I don't trust what Firefox might do. If anyone knows a way for Firefox to pass muster with the ICC, I will gladly use it.

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Do you have ICC V4 enabled if you check the related pref on the about:config page ?

  • about:config => gfx.color_management.enablev4 = true

Note that you need to close (Quit) and restart Firefox or possibly check this in a new window.

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can click the button to "Accept the Risk and Continue".

First screenshot with the pref set to false (V4 disabled). Second screenshot with the pref set to true (V4 enabled).


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The second screen shot is not what happens in the linked PDF, which I think is the intended test. I redid the about:config routine again including Quit and Restart I re-tried the test with both Firefox and Safari with the same results. Firefox failed (looks like the first screen shot above) and Safari passed (looks like the second screen shot above. Did you perform the test in the PDF link?


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I used the HTML version. The Firefox pdfjs viewer doesn't seem to support ICC profiles (V2,V4), so the PDF version will always fail.

No need to comment here.


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As a layman user, I don't go near anything HTML, it's a code-type language I'll leave to others. As far as other uses of color management using Firefox, it seems not to be effected by Firefox's failure in this test. However it just seems lame that something like this keeps re-occurring.




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