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Linux portable FF

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Hi, Apart from some references I had found going back up to 10 years, I cant find anything about making Firefox run completely from a usb stick.. I have used an appimage to install it on a usb, BUT it still creates a folder with the profile in the Home directory on the PC hard drive.. Can you please give me some idea of how I can move the folder location from the hard drive and have everything pointed to the usb.. I have used the profile manager to create a new profile based on the USB, and then deleted the Mozilla folder on the PC hard drive, but that breaks FF. So obviously even though it is residing and running from the usb, it is referring to the hard drive for something.. Running Ubuntu 20.04 David B

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There is a portable version for Windows. I am not sure about Linux. But this page mentions Wine on Linux/UNIX

Download Details

Publisher: Mozilla & (John T. Haller)
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Wine on Linux/UNIX
License: Free / Open Source (Launcher: GPL; Firefox: MPL)
Source Code: Launcher source (included), Firefox source


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Thanks for taking the time to reply Fred I appreciate it. Running a windows version under Wine isn't really a scenario, as it would require all the computers I am likely to have to plug my portable version of Firefox into to have Wine installed.. some do not belong to me ( family friends etc ) and I am not sure how accommodating others would be about adding my software to their machines. It just strikes me as crazy that there are a zillion portable windows versions and so far apart from one I found that was many years old, Linux has none. I cant possibly be the only one who wants this facility, and I wonder how others have solved the delima I really only need to know how to go about editing the program to move all of its parts onto a usb, rather than leaving files in the computers home directory. As I say, an App image can run happily from the usb, but for some ungodly reason it also creates files in the PC as well


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