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Firefox won't accept cookies of ceraint sites.

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I just made a clean install of windows. It seems that firefox for some bizarre reason won't accept cookies from some sites.

For example at, when I click "sing in" and I set up my credentials, I am still at the same "sign in" page. The problem can be easier understood in the following capture. (excuse the watermark)

I have the same issue with other sites, such as my bank, IRS, etc etc, making firefox practically unusable. Is there any fix for this?

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Would you normally get a login form to fill yourself, you don't use any extensions that automatically fill and submit login forms for you?

For me that button calls a page that redirects Firefox to a page on . As a temporary workaround, you could try using the address bar to find the correct page from your history (type or paste part of that URL to get suggestions).

Have you modified any settings that affect cookies or local storage?

For example, Outlook Web App is not compatible with "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" -- you need to create an exception which allows them to pass data through local storage. More info in the following thread:


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Actually, in one part of your video it seems you are signed in, but in another part, you are not. Are you using "Strict" Tracking Protection? The new dynamic First Party Isolation feature recognizes some families of sites that are allowed to share cookies with one another, but all others are blocked.


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Like I said, everything is after a clean windows 10 installation. Everything is on the default settings.

Steps if you want to reproduce the problem:

1. Install windows 10. 2. Install FireFox. 3. type 4. sign in (in the video I don't show the sign in procedure) 5. Infinite cycle of clicking the sign in button.

At my bank, during the 2 factor authentication process, I get an error message that my browser won't accept cookies.

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