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Numerous Random Script Conflicts Disabling Browser

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This is my version of a Firefox usability review for 2021.

I have a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, on new hardware, and run identical add-ons and extensions in both Firefox and Chrome most recent versions (auto-update).

For the last few years about 10% of all websites I visit weekly have some kind of functionality that does not work in Firefox, but does work in Chrome. This forces users (at least me) in to the arms of another browser, because Chrome *always* works.

Today, I couldn't lookup a license key on Kaspersky's website due to a 'Cross-Origin Request Blocked:' error. Result was; key not found. Switching to Chrome, I had my key in seconds. This kind of problem happens A LOT.

I get frustrated because either the security level of Firefox is insanely high and unforgiving, or Chrome is completely unsafe. But we know that's not true either. Why am I safe in Chrome, but not in Firefox when viewing the exact same web pages? My anti-virus isn't enough?

As websites lean more and more heavily on scripts, Firefox becomes more and more unusable for me.

To be clear, I am a network admin who has been experiencing these security SNAFU's in Firefox that require switching to Chrome in order to compete registration, fill out some forms, or access some kind of AJAX type info or CDN files, that is extremely frustrating when you don't want to use Google's spy tool, Chrome.

I DO appreciate the Firefox browser, and its developers. This is just an FYI - no reply needed.

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