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about this search feature, the more words I add the more results are returned

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more options

About using these firefox support pages and this search feature specifically.

the more words I add the more results are returned there seems to be no intellegence in selecting the appropriate answer, it all appears keyword driven.

This is not beneficial in reaching the correct answer. At times I will go to 'Ask your question' because of this and I can guess many of us do. No one wants to read un-related articles!

I would expect to see the results lessen by adding more keywords to a refinement which I can then see in real time.

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more options

Hi Gilbert, search here uses an implicit "OR" between terms, unlike search engines that use an implicit "AND" between terms.

Two options:

(1) The Advanced Search allows phrase searching ("in quotes") and requiring all words by placing + signs between them. So for example:

"ad block" + extension

(2) Google indexes solved threads. If you add the following to your Google query, it will target this forum: inurl:questions

Hope that helps.


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