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"save as website complete" (.html) to desktop opens in empty tab mac

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I want to save a website that featured our dog on a page. The website is a help-site for veterinary expense that will probably close the page featuring our animal, as our pet didn't make it. If it matters, the website is

I used File > Save Page As to open the dialog box with the option to save to the desktop. I note it did so with the extension .html. At the bottom of the dialog box was Format, I choose the default save as Website complete. I tried to open it and saw a instant of the webpage picture. On the bottom left-hand corner several pieces of dialog were running in rapid succession, one of them contained the words "Hand shake", but most were probably computerize gibberish, at least to me. The bottom left hand corner went blank and the entire tab was left blank--empty, the brief picture disappeared. Google didn't offer any help with this.

Can I save this page to view as a memory, or is this essentially gone to a novice like me?

Firefox 84.0.1, OS X 10.13.6, 2009 iMac desktop.


John Roehling