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Firefox update deleted profile

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I sometimes receive notification that Fx can't update automatically and I need to download the update. Twice now, the update has deleted my profile on drive D, and replacing it with a new one on the default C: drive. Settings, options, addons all GONE! I finally had to restore my entire system from a backup. What's going on and how can I prevent it happening again?

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Pat-PC Firefox said

Twice now, the update has deleted my profile on drive D

Was it removed, or the browser can't find it? Use the file explorer and look.

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There was no folder on my desktop at all. I had one the first time this happened but I did not have the patience to figure it out - there was no notification in the program, nor a readme in the folder.

Your second question: The profile folder was still there but completely empty. I always create profiles for FIrefox/Thunderbird on partition (D:) so they get backed up daily. Win10 image is created weekly. These usually save me a lot of time. Restoring a Fx profile is not quite that simple of course...

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Did you look on the D: drive that the profile is really gone as this can merely be a problem with profiles.ini and a new profiles.ini got created and a new default-release profile in the default location ?