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Firefox Accounts: No 2nd device - bookmarks held hostage

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I downloaded & installed a newer vs of Firefox, only to find the new launch screen informing me that this is now using a 'new profile' and 'it can't be deleted,' but I can get access to my last bookmarks by setting up a Firefox Account and profile. Done - ish. I'm not sure the process completed as I do not have another device to register to this newly created account. Meanwhile, all of my bookmarks are MIA, and there are no folders called 'bookmarkbackups' and there are no other Mozilla files and folders anywhere on my HD that don't have today's date as last modified. HELP!!! please.

This all started when I could no longer download pdfs from shared folders (accessed last week) on the Google (evil) platform. Our IT guy suggested I update my browser version, since I had no problem when I tried a test and downloaded the pdfs w/ease using Chrome(also evil). So I updated my Firefox browser because I don't want to be forced into using Chrome as my primary browser - ever. Now I seem to be totally hosed - by Mozilla this time. You know, I was perfectly happy and well served running vs ~66. And this kind of thing is exactly why I don't like updates. Please help me and restore my previously unwavering faith and loyalty to Mozilla. I have been using Mozilla web browsers exclusively since 1993/4(?) (I don't think it was even called Firefox then). Please help.

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