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permanently disabling the automatic quick search menu popup when highlighting text

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When highlighting text in the browser (I've experienced this in all sites including within text boxes where I'm inputting text), I will regularly get a popup to the side suggesting "quick web search" (referring to the highlighted text) and a set of dots to turn it off. This "feature" keeps turning itself back on. I want to permanently disable it because I have no reason to use it.

I don't think it's tied to the search engine (currently defaulted to Bing). I cannot find a setting anywhere in the options menu for permanently disabling it. With my only add-ons being ad blockers, I sincerely doubt they're the source of this pop up.

This feature is exceptionally annoying when it shows up as I'm almost never highlighting text for the purposes of doing a search (particularly when it shows up in a text box, such as one for submitting a comment). Even when I do turn it off from the given menu, it will turn itself back on at some point.

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Hmm, this is in Firefox 79 for Windows?

Is it possible it's a new Windows system-level feature? If you use that Quick Web Search does it open a new tab in Firefox or go out to a Microsoft product?

Does it happen on this site, too? I ask that because extensions are not allowed to inject scripts into so if it doesn't happen here or on the Add-ons site, that would point toward a probable extension feature.