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password security is not there in this browser at all

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password security is not there in this browser at all ,non technical one can also get vulnerable details of the user easily,when someone has set save password . supposed the gmail accc password is saved and then the user sign out of it, and try to log in again then passwprd is visible again, there should have been password attribute and password should not be visible unless the user enter system password or fingerprint auth, it is very serious issue i think

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Enter about:config in the URL bar and set = true.

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above problem didnt solve, it is set to true by defaule another prob is ,how to remove extention, i install firefox again still i got meddlemonkey script installed i think as it says enable it

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Hi niel:

Your question is unclear and I would have guessed :-) that TyDraniu's answer would be helpful. Please provide the following information to help us solve your problem:

  1. What you did exactly, what you expected and what happened (a numbered list of the steps you followed would be great)
  2. Also a screenshot and copying and pasting the output of about:support would help.



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If you want to prevent access to the passwords then you should create a master password as that is the only way. Enabling the Windows PIN/password is only 'cosmetic' and doesn't give real protection. The MP encrypts the passwords with an extra level (this means that you lose passwords if you forget the MP).