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My Display is Bright. But when I watch Videos using FF, the videos are very dark. How to fix? (On Win 7)

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On Asus Laptop with LG monitor. Running Windows 7. Latest FF browser. The display is bright. But not videos that I watch using FF web. How do I fix this?

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Is it just the videos in Firefox, or does this also happen to video played on other programs? For example, an external video player.

I had a similar issue in the past that only impacted video files and it turned out to be a graphics driver setting issue. In my case, I had an NVIDIA graphics card and I was able to disable the NVIDIA colour settings from NVIDIA's provided control panel.

My hunch is that maybe you are experiencing the same issue or at least something very similar.

Hope this helps.

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Not nvida. The unit is i7 processor with native graphics. It could be driver, but going to the intel graphics display panel application has no effect on FF video brightness.

Yes, this is only happening with FF. If playing videos via windows media player, no issue with brightness.

Thank you for your suggestion. Maybe Ill give intel a call. Still could be driver issue that FF is sitting on and media player is skirting.

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Only on FF. No problem with windows media player. Graphics is native i7. No external graphics card.

Could still be driver, but using graphics application panel to change brightness has no effect on FF.