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How do I get Firefux ver 64 to STOP asking me about updates. The choice "never update" is gone.

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Every time an update is published, a real risk exists an add-on won't work any more. Multirow Bookmarks is an example. In Firefux rel 64, the "never update" CHOICE for users is GONE. Mozilla just a little self-righteous there, maybe? I've used Firefox exclusively since release of Windows 3.1 and bragged on them often, but this is deplorable. How do I remove the constant pestering to update?

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Part of the change in Firefox 57 to webextension add-ons is that the risk of an add-on breaking in each new version drops significantly. The API's don't change as much, and so add-on authors are able to make sure that Firefox will not be changing under their feet.

If you have an add-on that works in Firefox 64, it should work just find in newer versions. You should always keep Firefox up to date to protect yourself against security issues.

Another bonus is we are constantly adding new APIs in new versions of Firefox, so your existing add-ons will become more powerful as time goes on.

Please update to Firefox 65 (released today) ASAP.