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How to import PASSWORDS from Chrome on MAC?

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How can I import passwords from Chrome on MAC? I see multiple forum posts referring to Chrome on Windows, but no way to do it on OS X. I even can export Chrome passwords to a CSV file, but I could not find a way to import that CSV to Firefox. This is making it difficult (aka impossible) to switch to FF.


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Separate Security Issue, please update your Flash 21.0 r0 by removing it with this tool : If you use it Reinstall with Flash Player Version: Current Version Step 1: Select Operating System Step 2: Select A Version (Firefox, . . . .)

Hi, ya Firefox does not to importing of CSV files nor passwords very well. You can find here some password manager Extensions that can support

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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You are essentially telling me that there is no known way to import passwords from Chrome to Firefox in OS X

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Am not essentially telling you anything. As mentioned having problems as is csv to json (compressed java).

Take a screenshot of your exposed passwords and input them.

and/or use a alternative Password Managers listed already in 1 st reply that can import a csv file.

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Stab in the dark, but could this be helpful :  ?

Works on Windows and Mac OS only .....

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Hi Pkshadow, but I see similar answers around. None of them is a solution for me

- hand typing 1200 passwords is not importing
- importing to a password manager is not importing to Firefox but exporting to a 3rd party that I still don't trust

Thanks anyway

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Thanks McCoy, but Dashlane (and others) let me import from Chrome but don't export to Firefox.