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Firefox crashes (Gah. Your tab just crashed.)

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Tabs keep crashing while i am using them. I get the following error message: Gah. Your tab just crashed. I have tried starting Firefox in safe mode, updating windows, updating java, reinstalling Firefox and checking for viruses using windows defender.

The crashes mostly happen while I am on You Tube and Facebook but are not limited to these 2 websites.

Report ID's: bp-9ca927d0-fd5f-4d3e-a3a0-b35010170809





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Have you tried updating your graphics drivers for the Intel Graphics 4600 card? If my search was OK, they might be up to date for Dell or Microsoft, but Intel may provide a newer one.

This thread at Microsoft may also be of help and made me think the current version isn’t flawless, so you might need to experiment with some versions.

Two of your reports indicate a crash due to Flash and actually have an old open bug, but they may be related or no longer apply.