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I lost over a 1,000 inbox messages over the weekend. Is there someway to recover them from a server?

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I have a Windows 7 PC. I do all my email through a Firefox account, mainly on the PC, but I also work the emails from an iPhone SE and an iPad Air , connected through a wireless home network. Last Thursday, at home, my inbox was complete on the PC, iPhone and iPad showing over 1,000 unread messages. On Saturday, on a trip, I was only working with the iPhone, since my iPad is not internet enabled. During some down time, I was reading my messages, deleting and archiving and noticed at the end of the day, that my inbox count of unopened messages had dropped from over 1,000 to only 124. None of the lost messages show in the trash.

Is there any way to retrieve the message form a Firefox server?

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hello, you're posting in the firefox support forum - firefox is a browser and doesn't handle your emails. instead you should contact your email-provider (the one behind the @ in your mail address) in order to help you further...

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