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What is the e-address to which I can send an email about a Firefox screen I've been getting?

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No details are necessary. My question is straightforward and clear. Web sites normally list an email address to which we can send an email to connect with a "live" support employee of the company to get info or an answer or to report a problem. That is all I want to do; I do not want to get involved in forums or complicated procedures such as are listed on Mozilla support screens. I want to give feedback to Mozilla (not to a community of users) about the defects of the screen that has appeared more than once.

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You can give input at

However Mozilla does not have the resources to do any form of call center for live one on one support on phone, email or chat. Even if they only stick with Firefox on desktop only and not the other Firefox related products and other products and projects they have.

Besides here there is also with channels like #firefox , also mozilla newsgroups and the active independent for more support options.

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