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In Firefox sync setup, why can't I **De-Select** my Passwords??

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>> My system: FF app for Android with most recent update, running KitKat 4.2.2, on Samsung S4.

>> Problem: I'm trying to de-select Passwords in my syncing options. (i.e., I Don't want to sync my passwords).

But when I try to customize my sync settings within Firefox Settings, a pink/red error message box appears telling me "Sync is setup, but not syncing automatically". And the option to select/de-select which information to be synced is "greyed-out". So I can't de-select (choose Not to sync passwords)!

The message box tells me to go to Device Settings to change syncing options. So I go to my Device Settings & Accounts, and I select my Firefox account. But when I click on the option to configure syncing (to turn on/off, automatic syncing, etc), it redirects me automatically & opens the Firefox Settings page again -- that SAME page that I started on with the error message box telling me to go to Device Settings!

I'm stuck in a "troubleshooting loop". What's going on?

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Instead of clicking on there go to Device Sync Settings. Where it says sync is disabled under the account name, tap sync now.

Else open the Data Usage section of the Android Settings App.

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@rmcguigan, Thanks for the reply. I can sync manually like you described (by clicking "sync now"). But I'm still not able to de-select "Passwords" in the list of items that I want synced. I only want to sync my bookmarks and history, not my passwords.

The only place I've found where one can adjust that setting (i.e. choosing which items to sync) is within the Firefox settings, but it's not letting me de-select/select anything from the check box list.

Btw... Is there a way to post a screenshot here so I can show what my settings page(s) looks like?


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To clarify:

1. My first goal is to be able to de-select "Passwords" in the settings for Firefox sync. I do not want my passwords synced. Just my bookmarks & history.

2. My second goal is to get automatic syncing to work. I'd be okay if (temporarily) I had to manually sync, but **not** if my passwords were included in the sync.

I've been able to adjust these settings in my other browser apps (Samsung's built-in Internet app, and Google Chrome app). But for some reason I can't get Firefox to cooperate with me. :(