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An instruction came on my laptop while browising to download a video uprade how do i check to see if this is from firefox as the message suggests.

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Here is a copy of the path:

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If you get a pop-up message asking to update Firefox or plugins then such a message is likely a scam and you should never respond to such an alert to avoid getting infected with malware.

  • Only update Firefox via "Help > About" or by downloading and installing Firefox from the Mozilla server and never via a pop-up or link on a web page.
  • Plugins should only be updated via the plugin itself or by visiting the home page of the plugin.
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Nothing to do with Firefox / Mozilla AFAIK and in all probability some sort of scam.

I have no intention of checking what it downloads it may well be malicious.

What exactly were you trying to upgrade ?

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Whenever you get a message / popup that software / files need to be updated;


While this may be a legitimate message, it could also be Malware or a Virus. Any time you want or need to check for upgrades, go to the web site of the True Owner of the program in question. For example, to check out Firefox, go to {web link}

You can sent a report to The FBI via their web site Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) {web link}

You can also report such a site at; Google Report Phishing Page {web link} which is the same when done while on site by going to Help > Report Web Forgery

Help us safeguard Mozilla’s trademarks by reporting misuse {web link}