Where can I go for support?

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We have created a number of spaces for those exploring open badges to share their trials and successes:

  • There are weekly Community Calls that explore many open badges topics, including new and ongoing open badges projects and related initiatives
  • We also host weekly Research Calls that dig into projects related to badges research and the development of badge systems across numerous sectors
  • Join our Open Badges Community Google Group to take part in ongoing conversations about badges in the wild and receive regular email updates and news from the team and community
  • Reach us on IRC at irc.mozilla.org, #badges

We also have a number of active social media channels that are monitored daily and can be a source of news, updates, answers, and resources:

We even have spaces for the technical among us to explore new ideas, report issues and collaborate to make the open badging ecosystem stronger from the inside out:

  • The Open Badges Tech Panels are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. These calls are a place for our team and community contributors to explore technical topics within open badges. It provides our developers and engineers a chance to share prototypes and new ideas, and for community members to raise questions and give feedback in an informal setting
  • The Open Badges Developer Google Group is a place for our team and community members use this group as a place to discuss ideas and report issues
  • All our bugs are filed in Github and issues can be reported and tracked easily from here: https://github.com/mozilla/openbadges/
  • For help and support with BadgeKit, click here.

Of course, if anyone has questions about anything badges-related at any time, it’s easy to send us an email at badges@mozillafoundation.org - someone from the team will get in touch, usually within 24 hours.

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