Konfiguracja prywatności i ustawień bezpieczeństwa na urządzeniu mobilnym

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Firefox for Android provides tools and features to help you stay safe online. Mozilla cares about your privacy and always uses permissions in a manner consistent with our values, see How does Firefox for Android use the permissions it requests?


Keep your browser up-to-date. You can enable automatic updates when you install Firefox for Android to make this part easy


Look for the padlock icon padlock in Firefox for Android before entering any personal information (passwords, credit cards, addresses, etc.) into a web site.

Use a Master Password to secure Firefox for mobile in the event that you lose your device or if you share your device. Using a Master Password lets you have the convenience of a browser that remembers your passwords, but the safety of a master password to lock your username and passwords for all of your favorite sites.

Set up syncing passwords to your desktop so you don't need to type your password when on the go and you can still use a strong password.

Clearing passwords, history, form data and bookmarks

Clear your history and private data (cookies and passwords) and site settings easily with Firefox settings. For the most private and secure browsing, you can also choose to disable cookies and JavaScript in your Settings.

Plugins and ads

Keep ads blocked by preserving Firefox's default 'Click to Play' plugin setting.

Do Not Track

Tell sites not to track you for advertising purposes by using Do Not Track.


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