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The small icon next to my bookmarks are missing.

I have just updated to Firefox115.2.1 ESR. On the recommendation of Mozilla! The small icon next to my bookmarks are missing and the bookmark doesn't work. Only a few of … (les mer)

I have just updated to Firefox115.2.1 ESR. On the recommendation of Mozilla! The small icon next to my bookmarks are missing and the bookmark doesn't work. Only a few of the bookmarks have an icon. I have a large number of bookmarks, so I do not want to create them again. It would take me hours to do. I have tried to import bookmarks backup but nothing seems to happen.

I hope someone can give me a quick simple answer. Thanks Brian

Asked by brian44smith 3 dager siden

Trying to understand the grammer, syntax, & naming conventions used on mozilla support web pages...

Hi, folks. I may (or may not) need some help here to quell my confusion. You decide... If we accept the result of a google search for the definition of "word(s) grammat… (les mer)

Hi, folks. I may (or may not) need some help here to quell my confusion. You decide... If we accept the result of a google search for the definition of "word(s) grammatical meaning" (which is stated as "the meaning conveyed in a sentence by word order and other grammatical signals"), then I'd like to offer a suggestion for the grammatical rendering(s) of word(s) as viewed in some of the instructions I've found on Mozilla web pages that would really help me to better understand what the instructions impart.

    I hope you folks will see that I am not being "nit picky" NOR being disparaging towards a person or their use of words, phrases, syntax, etc. in relation to their presentation(s) of examples, solutions, intructions, etc.  It has been & continues to be a challenge for me to understand/comprehend what I read sometimes, due to some limitations I have (still, at age 75 even) which are akin to being dyslexic & having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  If one does a google search for these maladies, it can be found that potentially millions of people are afflicted.  Depending on the web page visited, one can find varying percentages of the total populations of various geographical locations for these disabilities, which tends to support the notion that we number in the millions.  So, there may be others who might benefit from the suggestion(s) offered here.  If you will accept the notion that I really do appreciate the time & research folks avail themselves to (and then present via the Firefox venue) aimed at the edification of those who would benefit from their selfless actions, then please consider the following, non-dissing, presentation edits...
OK, if my premise (as stated directly above) is within the scope of Firefox verbal etiquette, then I'd like to share some requested changes to descriptions, actions, instructions, etc., that would make it easier & be less time consuming for me (and mayhaps quite a few others) to read & understand (at least) some of the articles presented on Firefox web pages.

As I paged back thru the web sites to find the web page I had visited that gave rise to my concern about understanding what I was reading, it surprised me that it took 10 clicks on web page links to do so. I bookmarked the link to the web page which had the text fill-in box I am currently using, hoping I could avoid my original 10 webpages of links, journey.

OK, here I am on a Moxilla Supprt web page "Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles" with the URL: PAGING down to the "Restoring a profile backup" (under the Table of Contents), I can find no reference to the location of the action described in item 1. Click the Firefox menu Button and select Exit. Where do I need to be in the Firefox app. to execute this action? After performing the action described in item 1., am I directed to the Explorer? OR, do I need to open the Explorer? OR open a cmd line prompt? in order to be able to view the two directories referenced?

For the action described in item 2., referencing "existing profile folder" and "profile backup folder", why is "profile" not the middle word in each of these three word combos? AND, if I execute the action referenced in this item, am I replacing the "existing profile folder" with the "profile backup" file (located inside the "profile backup folder "?) AND, are there any other files in the "profile backup folder" along with the "profile backup" file?

Also, is this action performed from the Explorer? or a CMD line prompt? AND, if I overwrite my existing profile with my backup profile, then I will lose all data from the existing profile that is not represented in the backup profile. That could be sizeable depending on the amount time elapsed from date when the backup profile was saved to the date the current profile is still in use.

I am further confused by the word usage in the "Important" comment: The "profile folder names" (ostensibly referencing "existing profile folder" and "profile backup folder") must match exactly. Yet the descriptions of these folders do not use the same naming format.

PAGING further down this web page to the next item in the Table of Contents, I find "Restoring to a different location". Is the action in item 1., in this section, the same as the action in item 1., of the section directly above it, "Restoring a profile backup"?

It appears as tho items 3., 4., 5., & 7., in this section, use three different phrases to describe the same entitiy (and/or its location?) i.e., the "backed-up profile folder", the "profile folder backup", & the "backed up profile folder". Are the "backed-up profile folder" referenced in item 3., the "profile folder backup" referenced in item 4., & the "backed up profile folder" all folders (directories & sub-directories)? The naming convention here is uber confusing....

AND now, so am I (confused). BUT, if I am the only one, then please ignore my ramblings above. I will take no more of your valuable time. NOR, will I need a response. With some "trial & error" scenarios (and the time to execute them), I am sure I can figure this out.

Uno, a thot does occur to me. Am I even in the right venue here to find out how to save/backup my emails stored with my online email provider? After re-reading the Firefox online support for backing up Firefox profiles, I did not come across any nomenclature identifying any emails. I mean afterall, that is what I'd like to do & reduce my burgeoning signature (footprint?) of thousands of stored online emails... SO, are emails stored in the "backed-up profile folder"? AND if so, are they one of the files in this folder? OR, are they a part of the "backed-up profile" file? (I mean if there is such a file...)

P.S... Here's a comforting tid bit of info. By cutting & pasting the URL (that I saved & briefly texted about earler) which opens the web page with this text fill-in box, I circumvented needing to select 10 different links to get here...

Asked by ffbrowseruser 4 dager siden