Tracking Protection on Firefox Focus for iOS

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Firefox Focus' Tracking Protection blocks trackers that follow you across multiple websites.

How do I know if Tracking Protection is on or off?

When you visit a website, you’ll see a shield in your address bar. When Tracking Protection is on, the shield will be accompanied by the number of trackers it is blocking on that page:

shield url focus ios
  • If the shield is accompanied by a 0, that page has no trackers.
  • If the shield has a line through it tracking protection off , it means Tracking Protection is off and not blocking any trackers.

Turn Tracking Protection off or on

  1. Tap the shield in the address bar to open the Tracking Protection panel.
  2. Tap the switch next to Tracking Protection to turn it off or on (Blue switchonios means it's on).

If you turn Tracking Protection off, it will remain off until you tap Erase or close Firefox Focus.

View the types of trackers on a page

Tap the shield to open the Tracking Protection panel. The panel will tell you what kind of trackers are on that page: Ad trackers, analytics trackers, social trackers or content trackers.

Read more about tracking and the standards Disconnect uses to create its list. Learn more about the lists used by Firefox Focus for Tracking Protection.
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