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Use mouse shortcuts to perform common tasks in Firefox

This is a list of the most common mouse shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox.

Command Shortcut
Back Opt + Scroll downShift + Scroll down
Forward Opt + Scroll up Shift + Scroll up
Zoom In Ctrl + Scroll up
Zoom Out Ctrl + Scroll down
Close Tab Middle-click on Tab
Open link in new Tab Middle-click on Link
Open in Background Tab* Ctrlcommand + Left-click link
Middle-click link
Open in Foreground Tab* Ctrlcommand + Shift + Left-click
Shift + Middle-click
Open in New Window Shift + Left-click link
Duplicate Tab or Bookmark CtrlOpt + Drag tab
Reload (override cache) Shift + Reload button
Save Page As AltOpt + Left-clickN/A

* The Open Foreground and Background Tab shortcuts will be switched if the When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately setting is enabled in the Tabs settings panel.

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