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How to reload previous bookmarks, show tabs on top as before, see full screen

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I tried to correct a problem, to show URL in address bar, and created a new one. I want my old settings back WITH URL showing in address bar when I go to a web site. I want toolbar on top, my old bookmarks back, and see full screen (instead of web page window off to left, with firefox page taking up 2/3rds of page on right). Frustrated, please help.

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  • Right click on the tab and use option undo close tab for restre the previous browsing session.
  • use crtl + h to see the history
  • use ctrl + b to restore the bookmarks.
  • Press F11 key to switch the browsing mode to Full screen
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That helped some. Still getting split screen viewing. How do I get full screen view each time I go to new site? I chose xfinity as home site, but getting last window from previous session every time I get back on computer. How do I get home site each time I get on computer. Thanks.

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  • You can toggle the Bookmarks sidebar off/on via "View > Sidebar > Bookmarks" or "Ctrl+B" (Command+B on Mac)
  • You can toggle the History sidebar off/on via "View > Sidebar > History" or "Ctrl+H" (Command+H on Mac)

There is a star like button to the right end of the search bar on the Navigation Toolbar to bookmark the current web page and a "Show your bookmarks" button next to it to open the Bookmarks in a drop down menu.

You can also still have the menu bar visible via the right-click context menu on the toolbars to have the bookmarks menu.

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