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AT&T informed me re: your problem-can't open email.When fixed?

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Cannot get email from Modzilla - I get a message that says my resolution setting is too low, but it's not. Had ATT tech support help me and they said that Modzilla is having problems with this and is currently fixing this problem. Is this really happening? If so, when will it be fixed? It's been 5 days now. I can get my emails on Explorer, but not Modzilla.

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Another Yahoo! user mentioned this: yahoo mail ,using ff shows resolutions not high enough (unsolved).

I'll offer the same suggestion:

Firefox changes the resolution reported to websites based on your zoom level. Could you try reducing your zoom a notch (hold down the Ctrl key and tap the - key) to see whether that makes a difference? When you reload the Yahoo page, use Crl+Shift+r to force a full reload and bypass any cached files.