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DownloadHelper not working with Youtube - solution

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1) press: Ctrl+Shift+Del to go to History cleaning. 2) select timeframe: all 3) mark: Cookies, Browser Cache, Active Logins, Offline Data, Site Settings. (you can also mark Search History but it is not neccessary) 4) press: Clear button.

It solved the problem of downloading 0kb files instead of YouTube videos.

(with Firefox 25.0, DownloadHelper 4.9.21)

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Alternative way:

If you do not want to clear anything from the search history you can also press Shift+Ctrl+P to go to private mode. (DownloadHelper works fine in private mode even when it does not work in normal mode)

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Thanks for letting everyone know that you found a couple of solutions for problems with DownloadHelper at YouTube. I take it that you meant the "Video DownloadHelper" Firefox extension available here:

Another good place to post this information would be on the above webpage, by using the "Write a review" button.

I'm going to close this question and mark it "off-topic" since you weren't actually asking for help with Firefox. Thanks again.

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