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How do anonymise firefox to prevent identification? (see panopticlick.eff.org)

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How do I anonymise firefox so that web sites cannot track me, even without cookies (see https://panopticlick.eff.org)

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hello, first of all you appear to be using a very outdated and insecure firefox version (3.5.3) - if this is the case, please update firefox to the latest version as soon as possible!

regarding your question about panopticlick - could you copy the results from there and paste them here into a reply? because only then it's possible to give you targeted advice for your situation...

thank you!

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if that old information is incorrect see the How to reset the default user agent on Firefox article.

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hi, ive upgraded to firefox.v23 and revisited panopticlick. See screendump . Still same results, this is really frightening. as can be seen from this website a user is entirely traceable WITHOUT COOKIES! All that needs to happen is for websites to share this information and an individuals identity can be completely exposed/vulnerable unless they constantly change their computer configuration - and even then?. I dont want to install any special version of firefox, i just want it to give me the option stop html/ js statements from accessing more than is necessary. Are your developers working on this? (Btw changing user.agent.override doesnt make ANY material difference)

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In your screen shot, your Firefox is identifying itself as the Googlebot. That could be contributing to your "uniqueness" inasmuch as the Googlebot normally wouldn't respond to the other inquiries.

But on your main point, I don't think there is an effort to block the normal kinds of information sites can learn from Firefox. Firefox is providing more control over plugins such as Flash and Java with the click-to-activate option, but for the typical information available to scripts, you might need an add-on to filter what sites can see.

Personally I use NoScript and simply do not allow scripts to run from sites that do not need to have them running. You can try this page for comparison: https://panopticlick.eff.org/index.php?action=log. My guess is that any site-specific or cross-site tracking that I am allowing is mostly among sites I don't mind knowing that I'm a particular user.

And I'm not sure how many sites really use the particular techniques in the demo page for tracking. Because fine resolution identification depends on fonts, active plugins, Flash local storage permission, and other factors that could change (try changing the zoom level and reloading to get a new screen resolution), sites may not be able to identify you over long periods of time.