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How do i remove search-gol from firefox?!! It is not in addons or extenstions and I am worried to reload firefox as i dont want to lose faves or current session


I always use Google as my firefox search engine. However i must have accidentally downloaded a file that has now set up search-gol as my search engine and i want to get rid of it. Info to do this strangely doesn't appear anywhere on google searches. Mozilla says to go into addons/extensions etc but the search engine isn't listed anywhere. I have also unistalled any programmes that i have recently downloaded but this search-gol think won't go. I am worried about uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it as i have about 500 favourites and i don't want to lose them and my current browsing session. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this annoying search engine rubbish? Thanks

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enter about:config. Reset all the setings referencing searchgol. Restart firefox. If it returns, scan with adwcleaner and hitman pro.

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Searchgol may have installed as a Windows application. It may be a "ride-along" installed with some other free application from the internet. On the following page , go to the second step first, with Firefox closed, then perform the other steps. By performing the second step first, you will search for and remove (if it is there) any installed application that will simply make the item reappear each time you restart Firefox.

To uninstall from other browsers, click the links at the bottom of this page - http://info.searchgol.com/uninstall/firefox.html

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There are automatic methods with free programs like AdwCleaner. Running it should help you remove searchgol.com and all other browser hijackers easily. You may also try the manual solution that is applicable for all hijackers. The guide is http://www.system-tips.net/guide-to-fix-browser-redirection-and-remove-browser-hijackers/ Do not download any program, simply follow the manual steps in this guide if you want to remove search-gol virus manually.

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See here Unistall search-gol from firefox


ok i sorted it...but only by resinstalling firefox. I tried everything else and it didn't work as search-gol wasn't listed in any of my installed programmes or search engine lists etc. Make sure to do a back up of your firefox bookmarks etc before you re-install firefox, just in case... (Even my spy bot and Norton didn't pick up search-gol). I did email search-gol and to their credit they did send me some removal instructions, but i'd re-installed MF by then anyway... thx for all replies

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Follow the removal guide here:


You don't need to reset Firefox, just remove the preferences associated with SearchGol.

And don't forget to scan your computer with anti-malware software.


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Thanks, I had Search Gol on my FF as well, your link worked.