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Where is the email link in Firefox ?

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A person helped me change my browser from Internet Explorer 7 to FireFox. Now I cannot find the email link on FireFox. I right click in the upper toolbar & hit customize. Their is no email. When I hit customize, the icons shrink & I can see more icons on the upper toolbar. When I cancel out of customize, I can only see 2 of the icons & I cannot bring up any others. Does Firefox not use email or does it have to be G mail, ect. ? My email is dolls@xxxxxxx.xxx.

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The email icon is now showing in the lower tool bar. Can I get it to show on the upper toolbar ?

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You can find "Email Link" in the Firefox menu and in the File menu if the menu bar is visible.

See also "Get Mail extension":

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This is very simple. Click file in the mail menu and 'email link' is one of the options, right below 'save page as". I use it every day.