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In the new firefox, the encryption tab in advanced settings is gone. where is it?

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I updated my firefox, and suddenly the encryption tab which is in tools, options, advanced settings, is now gone, and there is another tab named "certificates" instead. Where has it moved to?

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A lot of things are being cleaned up.

  • Bug 733632 - Remove TLS version UI (Options > Advanced > Encryption > Protocols)
  • Bug 851698 - (checkboxes-that-kill) Get rid of options that kill our product

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Yah, except with the new NSA revelations I want to set and/or verify my levels of encryption as I have in the past. Removing all encryption information leaves us all hanging. SSL 3.0 and TSL 1.0 should be on for everyone while SSL 2.0 needs to be off forever. Is this the case? How would I know?

So, no, calling users morons (after reading the blog on this topic) and making a feature available for a purportedly 'only 2%' of users who care is not a sufficient argument. If Mozilla is truly committed to not working with the NSA, then encryption should be identified for all users of Firefox instead of completely hidden from view.

Guess I'll be searching through older versions of Firefox....sigh

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I discovered this was missing because I too care ..... bad Mozilla!