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i can not install (or find) firebug for android. i NEED this to see javascript errors on mobile apps that are not showing up for desktop firefox.

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Use remote debugging?


@iamjayakumars: i think you must have misunderstood what i was asking. but thanks any way.

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wtf is this???

we're afaik all volonteers, and sometimes, oh well, we miss the point.

Red ears alert....

It makes us now and then, no, most of the time, real happy to be of some use. Bear with us, please. After all, we are sentient systems as well.

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i tried to delete it as soon as i posted it, but could not. feel free to do so.

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I am also going through as I provide PHP Training in Surat and requires always firebug. You can search firebug and i am sure you would find it.

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